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San Antonio Body Shops Repair Damage Caused by Broken

Accidents happen every day in San Antonio. Typically, they are caused by one driver not following the traffic laws in Texas. Drivers are busy or often in a hurry, but no matter the situation the laws are there to prevent accidents that could potentially lead to injuries or death.

There are some traffic laws that are broken more than others and it is important for all drivers to be aware that violating these laws could lead to a collision.


Speeding is a common traffic violation and if a driver is excessively speeding over the posted limit, it could lead to a serious collision and possibly a suspended license. If it’s a first time speeding violation in Texas, the fine can be up to $200.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is becoming more frequent on San Antonio roads, especially as drivers use their smartphones while driving. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, one in every five crashes involves driver distraction.

City ordinances vary from city to city in Texas regarding cell phone use, so the best way to avoid a fine of $200 to $500 is to use a hands-free device if you plan to talk on the phone. Never text and drive.

Running a Red Light

As drivers get in a hurry or they are distracted, they run a greater risk of not stopping for a red light. If a city has red light cameras, the fine is about $75. If a driver is stopped by an officer, the ticket could cost as much as $200 and there is always the increased potential of getting into an accident.


Texas drivers must use headlights at night and when the visibility conditions are less than 1,000 feet. This not only helps the driver to see better, but also other drivers have a better chance of seeing your car.

Illegal Maneuvers

In Texas, a driver can only make a U-turn if the driver can clearly see at least 500 feet in front and behind the driver. Making an illegal U-turn could result in a reckless driving ticket and potentially cause an accident.

At ProCare Collision, an auto body repair shop in San Antonio, we hope everyone remembers these laws and drives safely. If you do end up in an accident and need a body repair shop, contact our highly skilled team to schedule your free estimate. A personal service consultant will help you with the complete repair process so you can drive your vehicle again soon.


Taking Your Car to a San Antonio Auto Body Shop Know When to File Insurance

If your vehicle has been in a collision, you have a decision to make as a car owner whether to file an insurance claim. In Texas, the law requires drivers to pay for the accidents they cause.

There are several aspects to consider when determining if you want to use insurance to pay for damage.

People Involved in an Accident

Possibly the most important criteria to consider with collision repair and insurance is if anyone else was involved in an accident other than yourself. If the accident caused injury or severe damage to another vehicle or property, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

If you do not report the accident promptly, an insurance company could be limited in the protections it can provide to you. If the accident only involved you, you are not hurt, and there’s not significant damage to any other property, you may choose to not file a claim.

Costs to Repair

The cost to repair your vehicle and any other car or property that was damaged should be considered for filing an insurance claim. If the auto body repair needed is significant, you may want to file a claim. But if the damage to your car is small, determine if the cost to repair it will be less than your deductible. If you file a claim, your premiums could go up. A good tip to follow is to file a claim if the damage exceeds $1,000.

Premium Costs

Typically, if you file one insurance claim in a 12-month period, it may not affect your premium. The more claims you file, the more your insurance agency considers you a “high risk” driver and numerous claims could lead to a possible cancellation of your coverage. Two or more at-fault claims in less than a year could increase your premium by 86 percent.

At ProCare Collision, we work with all insurance companies. Remember that you have a choice for an auto body shop. By choosing ProCare, you have the convenience of a personal service consultant who will work with you through every step of the repair process, including handling your insurance claims. Give our expert, certified team a call today to schedule repair to your vehicle and get back on the road.

What if my San Antonio Body Shop Does a Bad Job

When you take your car to a San Antonio body shop, you expect quality repairs. If the repairs are not made properly or not what you requested, you have the right to point out what is not correct or what you do not like.

When you pick up your vehicle, take the time to look at your vehicle. Any repairs that are not correct need to be addressed immediately with the auto technician.

What to Look For After Collision Repairs

Once you look at your car and the overall appearance looks acceptable, take a closer look at the specific area where the repairs were made. Look for gaps between body panels and make sure all doors, the hood, and the trunk, hatch, or tailgate all open and close smoothly.

If there was damage to the front of the vehicle, turn on the headlights to make sure they are aligned and work. If there was any paint work, make sure that the color and texture match up with the rest of the vehicle.

Reporting Repair Issues and Warranty

If the car appears to be repaired correctly, check the receipt for the work before you leave the shop. If you believe the shop did not do work they claimed to do, that is illegal in Texas. Contact the Texas Attorney General’s office if you have any issues with disputing a charge that may be illegal.

Some issues with repairs may not be noticeable right away, such as wheel alignment. At ProCare Collision, a San Antonio Auto Body Shop, we stand behind the quality of our work and for issues such as this, our work is backed by a National Limited Lifetime Warranty. And our paint services are backed by Axalta Nationwide Guarantee. If issues relating to the repairs are noticed after you leave the body shop, contact the shop as soon as possible and provide a receipt from the repair work.

Contact our team at ProCare and one of our certified technicians will provide high quality repairs to your vehicle. And remember, our estimates are always free.

Auto Body Repair San Antonio Can It Be EcoFriendly

Collision repair on a vehicle takes parts, equipment, possibly paint or the use of chemicals. Over the years, auto body shops have placed a greater focus on being environmentally friendly with products used and recycling.

Being an eco-friendly auto repair shop takes more than focusing on what is used to repair the car. It takes a much broader focus.

Thinking Green

Many body shops look closely at everything they do while repairing cars and as a business to determine ways to be more environmentally friendly. This may include conserving energy, plus keeping the land, air, and water clean. The automotive industry continuously reviews eco-standards for repair shops and looks for areas of improvement.

Some shops also consider using greener products for the repairs, such as non-toxic compounds. At ProCare Collision, a San Antonio auto body repair shop, we use Axalta Cromax Pro paint. It is water based, instead of chemical based, and it reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the air by chemical based paints. It is still not yet possible to be an entirely green body shop.

ProCare cares about our community that we live in and we recycle as part of our environmentally-friendly approach to collision repair. Some of the items we recycle include sheet metal, aluminum, paper, and cardboard.

Saving Green

There is an added cost benefit to repair shops by having a plan to be “green.” It reduces waste disposal costs, cuts long-term liability, and is a benefit to the health of employees. But the most important benefit at ProCare is that we are protecting our environment.

If you do get in a collision and need repair, contact the certified and skilled technicians at ProCare Collision. Our personal service consultants can help you through every step of the repair process from getting your vehicle to one of our convenient locations to helping with the insurance claim. And remember, not only will our team get you back on the road quickly with quality repairs, your decision to do business with ProCare helps our environment.

How Does Auto Body Repair Differ for Electric Vehicles

When it comes to collision repair, it may seem as though repairs to most cars would be the same, but not all cars are created equal. That is why many auto technicians go through regular training and earn certifications to be knowledgeable about the latest industry standards on various vehicles makes.

Electric vehicles, or hybrids, have tremendous benefits including fuel efficiency. But with that cost savings comes a trade-off to potential higher costs in other areas, including collision repair.

The Cost of Electric Vehicle Collision Repair

One of the few drawbacks to owning an electric vehicle is that collision repair could potentially cost more than a gas-powered vehicle. This is because of the fragile battery packs that can be damaged in an accident. Because some parts to hybrid vehicles are harder to find that can also increase the repair cost. Plus, the complex hybrid drive components cost more to not only manufacture, but also to assemble.

If the battery packs were not damaged but panels near the packs were damaged and need paint, the battery packs have to be removed for safety which leads to additional labor.

Auto technicians should also go through specialized training to repair an electric vehicle because of the technology and unique way they are built. There is also an increased risk of electrocution because of the extremely high voltage in hybrids that technicians must know how to avoid.

Best Solution for Hybrid Repair

If you own an electric vehicle, you should get several recommendations for a quality auto body shop. It is important to ask about any training the technicians have completed specifically related to hybrid vehicles.

The expert technicians at ProCare Collision, a San Antonio body shop, are trained to properly repair electric and hybrid vehicles back to their original condition. This is in addition to other certifications our technicians earn from individual vehicle makers that sell hybrid vehicles.

If you own an electric or hybrid vehicle and get into an accident, contact ProCare to speak with a personal service consultant who can help you every step of the way through the repair process.

What is EcoFriendly Auto Paint at a San Antonio Body Shop

We are more aware of hazards to our environment now than ever before. That includes in the auto body industry. The makers of automotive products keep this in mind with every improvement because auto body repair shops are just as conscious about being eco-friendlier.

While many collision repair centers focus on being eco-friendly, it is not possible yet to be completely green as an auto shop. Auto painting was among the first areas in the automotive industry to evolve to a more environmentally-friendly format.

Eco-Friendly Auto Paint

One of the biggest pollutants has been auto paint because of the chemicals previously used in the paint that could be released over time in the atmosphere and were a health hazard.

Most auto body shops should use a low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. Environmentally friendly paint uses water as the main ingredient and does not sacrifice quality. Vehicles made within the last decade are likely made with waterborne paint.

There is still some release of VOCs with waterborne paints so anyone using them should wear safety gloves, goggles, and a mask for protection.

Axalta Cromax Pro Paint

There are many brands and types of waterborne paint that are more eco-friendly that previous paints. At ProCare Collision, the expert auto technicians use Axalta Cromax Pro paint. This paint leaves a remarkable finish and has been recommended by car show hosts on TV to transform the look of a car.

It is our commitment at ProCare Collision, a San Antonio body shop, to be environmentally friendly while providing the highest quality of work to a vehicle. That is why we use Axalta Cromax Pro paint. In addition to less harmful paints, we also recycle sheet metal, aluminum, paper, and cardboard as part of our eco-friendly approach to collision repair.

If your vehicle is in need of a paint job due to a collision or if you are considering a customized auto paint job, contact our team to work with a personal service consultant and schedule a free estimate. Our highly skilled and certified auto technicians will make your vehicle look vibrant and new while being environmentally friendly.

Big Damage vs Dings How to Choose the Right Body Shop

As a car owner, you have a decision to make about repairs if you have dents in your vehicle that are not major damage resulting from a collision. The smaller dents may be the result of hail, a minor accident, or anything else that struck your vehicle. More significant damage requires a visit to an auto body shop.

With smaller dents, you could choose not to make the repairs, especially if the repairs could cost more than the value of your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is newer you can decide whether to have paintless dent repair or auto body work completed on your vehicle.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a process of removing dents from a vehicle without altering the finish on the vehicle. Specialized tools are used to remove dents resulting from hail or similar small dents. PDR works best on vehicles when the paint is not damaged from the dent.

Finding a Body Shop

As with any auto body work, the best process to finding the right place for repairs is shopping around. With damage from a major collision, the repairs must be made at an auto body shop. If the damage consists of smaller dents, you may have the option to have standard collision repair performed or use PDR.

Some places only perform PDR and do not offer the option of standard collision repair. If you have a regular body shop that you use, ask if they provide the option of PDR and what the price difference would be for that service versus collision repair.

With any auto body repair, get several estimates to compare prices. You may decide to use PDR on your vehicle because it is cheaper, but listen to the recommendations from auto technicians. If more than one suggests collision repair over PDR, it may be because the damage is greater than it appears. For example, a dent in a door may not look significant but it could have caused damage inside the door that can’t be seen. This would require auto body repair.

Ask about guarantees and warranties with any work you have completed on your vehicle. If you need an estimate of repairs on damage to your vehicle, contact the expert team at ProCare Collision for a free estimate. Our skilled technicians provide quality repairs and get you back on the road.

Hottest 2017 Car Trends are Important for an Auto Body Shop to Know

A new year brings fresh developments in automotive technology and features. The changes can improve comfort, safety, and the overall experience in the vehicle.

A brand new vehicle is exciting and enjoyable to drive, until the vehicle is involved in a collision. A car owner will want an auto body shop in San Antonio that can repair a vehicle back to a new condition.

New Vehicle, New Ways to Repair

When a vehicle maker unveils new technology or features, that means an auto technician must know how to repair those features as soon as the car is available on the market.

Technicians at ProCare Automotive and Collision in San Antonio are required to regularly train and hold certifications from vehicle makers, among other certification programs. This continuous training ensures our team makes precise repairs on the newest vehicles.

The training and certifications is part of our commitment to provide superior quality repairs to your new vehicle.

2017 Car Trends

There are plenty of new features available on 2017 vehicles. This year, technology is the focus for the latest car trends. For example, as more cars feature touch screens there will be fewer buttons and knobs on the car dashboard. This means auto technicians will need to be well-trained on repairing a vehicle’s computer system as more features on the car depend on that system.

Laser headlights are now legal in the United States and will be available on some cars in 2017. A rear-axle-disconnect has been available on the Jeep Renegade and Cherokee models, but this year the Compass will also offer this feature. Electric-powered axles are known to improve fuel consumption and performance and this year they will be available on more vehicles.

Keep a brand new, 2017 vehicle in pristine condition even after a collision by bringing it to ProCare Automotive and Collision. Our trained and highly skilled technicians can repair your vehicle to look and function just like new again.



Tips to Avoid a Deer Accident

It’s that time of year known as the deer mating season. Deer will quickly run across Texas roads and they don’t see the cars headed toward them. In fact, the odds of hitting a deer in Texas are high. According to State Farm insurance, 1 in every 288 drivers in Texas will hit a deer. Those odds are up three percent from last year. The last thing drivers want is being injured in a deer accident and having to take their car to a San Antonio body shop.

It is not always possible to avoid hitting a deer, but you can try to take precautions. If you still strike the deer, the precautions you take could lessen the impact.

Use your bright headlights

If you are driving down a road with no other cars coming toward you, turn on your high beam lights. This will make the deer easier to spot.

Stay in the center

If you are on a multiple lane road, stay toward the center to give yourself more opportunity to react if a deer runs out near the road.

Honk your horn

If you see a deer, honk your horn to scare the deer out of your area. This may also alert any drivers near you to slow down.

Watch for more deer

If you see one, you will likely see others since deer will travel in a pack. If you are fortunate to avoid hitting the first deer, slow down and look carefully for any other deer nearby.

Never swerve to miss the deer

Swerving to miss an animal could cause you to lose control, hit another car, or hit a tree. If you have to hit the deer, brake firmly and then take your foot off of the brake just before you hit the deer.

If you do hit a deer and you can continue driving your vehicle, pull over safely off the road. Texas Parks and Wildlife experts urge anyone who hits a deer to not touch the deer after hitting it. If it is still alive, it could be startled and seriously injure you. If your car is damaged, contact the San Antonio body shop experts at ProCare Automotive and Collision. We can help you every step of the way with the insurance process to repairs and get you back on the road.

5 Tips to Find the Best Local Body Repair Shops

When you take your car into a San Antonio local body repair shop, you want the repair work to be precisely to your specifications. You also want to make sure you get the best deal for the work you need since each body shop charges different prices.

Finding the best body shop takes some research, but keeping a few points in mind as you search will make the process easier and can lead you to a body shop that performs quality work.

Seek Recommendations

The first step to finding a quality auto body repair shop is getting multiple recommendations. Ask people you know and look at reviews online. Contact your local Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed against a body shop you are considering. Word-of-mouth recommendations speak to the quality and experience, so pay attention to these recommendations especially from people you trust.

Location and Overhead

When you find out about a highly recommended body shop, visit the location to see the location and if that location may be a reason the shop could charge more per hour for labor costs. An auto body shop located in an area where property is expensive may charge more in labor to cover those costs.

Consider Warranties

A reputable auto body shop will guarantee the work with a warranty. Find out about the warranty to any auto body repairs and any paint work on your vehicle. Ask what the warranty specifically covers and how long the warranty lasts.

Check for Maker Certifications

Find a shop that is certified to work on your make of vehicle. This means the technicians have been trained to make repairs specified by the maker and the shop has the necessary equipment to make those repairs.

Ask About Estimates

There are two questions you should ask a body shop about estimates. Find out if they offer free estimates and if they use the insurance company’s estimate or if they use their own estimate. You will want to use a body shop that uses their own estimate and not performing repairs based on the insurance company’s recommendation of repairs.

If you need auto body repair to your vehicle, contact the San Antonio local body repair shop that provides free estimates and guarantees the work with a warranty at ProCare Automotive and Collision. A personal service consultant will work with you every step of the way in the repair process to make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction.


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