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Category: Auto Painting

Could These Colors be the Hot Trend for Auto Painting in San Antonio

In the early days of the automotive industry, cars were black and that was the only choice. Eventually in the early 1920’s, cars were available in a greater variety of colors. Fast forward to today and you can get any color you dream on a vehicle.

Drivers who want a custom auto paint job on their cars often want more than just a different color. Auto painting takes on a new depth now and colors can have dimension when light is reflected on them and depending on the angle in which you look at the car.

Bright Ideas

A custom auto paint job takes on the personality of the car owner. It’s all about what he or she wants to express. Take for example a Phoenix Yellow or Austin Yellow BMW, or how about a Molten Pearl Lexus? These are not car colors that most every day commuters would choose and it takes a driver who wants to stay out from the crowd to choose bold colors.

And bold colors are not just for the average priced car. Some Rolls Royce owners like to deck their vehicles out as well with unique tones not typically found on the ultimate luxury car. Want a bright blue Bentley? That can be yours with a custom paint job. While these vehicles take on a specific tone, some drivers like to like to have a variety of shades on their ride.

Multiple Color Tones

A car doesn’t necessarily have to be just one color. It can be multiple colors. Some cars feature a custom paint detail with iridescent colors that have a different shade and look depending on how the light shines on the vehicle.

For example, the Spectral Amber ChromaFlair option on the 2011 Ranger Rover features lemon and lime tones. And if you really like changing colors, multiple layers of thermochromic, or heat-sensitive, paint were used to transform a BMW X6 into The Incredible Hulk.

Express your individual style on your car and contact the expert paint technicians at ProCare Automotive in San Antonio to handle your custom auto painting needs.

Body Shop San Antonio How Do I Maintain Paint on my Car

Fresh paint work on a vehicle can make it look like new again. When a car owner pays for a paint job, whether it is to freshen up the look of the vehicle or because of collision repair, typically the owner wants to keep that great look for as long as possible. This can also help the vehicle look great if you plan to sell it soon.

Maintaining the paint does take some work, but is not impossible for a car owner to manage.

Washing the Fresh Paint

When you pick up your vehicle from the auto body shop, ask for the recommended time that you must wait after washing it with the fresh paint job. This is typically a few weeks. Once you can wash your car, use a high-quality solution and never use regular soap that can take away any protective layers of wax. Use a soft, clean washing mitt to carefully wipe any loose dirt and other contaminants. If you use a two-bucket method with one filled with soapy water and the other with clean water, this will help keep contaminants out of the soapy water and from being reapplied back to your car.

Park your vehicle in a cool, shaded area while drying it to prevent it from drying too quickly in the sun.

Detailing the Vehicle

Once the vehicle is washed clean, take a good look at it to make sure it is truly clean. Now it is time to protect your paint. Compounds have been commonly used in the past but they are the most aggressive method and should only be used by someone experienced with using compound. Clay bars will lift the dirt out of the clear coat layer, but be careful. Be sure to constantly fold the clay bar to expose a fresh surface or you will scratch the clear coat.

After you have detailed your vehicle, then you can wax your car. If a buffer is used, be sure to not overuse it, which will lead to paint removal.

If you have paint work completed on your car by the certified technicians at ProCare Collision, be sure to ask your personal service consultant about our free, 18-month maintenance plan. Every six months, we will inspect, wash, and wax the area that we painted at no cost to you. Contact our team to schedule your free estimate for auto body repair or paint work today.

ES Auto Painting San Antonio What To Look for in a Quality Job

An auto paint job takes an experienced paint technician to know how to paint a car and make it look fresh and new. Whether it’s a specialized paint job or painting your vehicle after an accident, you want your vehicle to look fresh and new.

When you take your vehicle to an auto body shop, have a detailed conversation with the team describing exactly what you want done and your expectations. Then when you pick up your vehicle, there are several areas to examine to make sure your vehicle had a quality auto paint job.

Pay Attention to Paint

A professional auto paint shop will ensure that the color consistency is the same all over your vehicle. The best way to check this is to look at your car in the daylight to make sure the color shade matches your car’s original color. Also look closely in good light for any paint splatter where it shouldn’t be located, runs in the paint, or any unusual texture possibly left behind from equipment used to paint the vehicle.

Examine other areas of the car that were not painted, but near the area being painted. Make sure that excess paint did not go onto headlights, chrome, molding, or other areas that do not need paint. The car’s exterior should also be clean and free of any dirt.

The Body of Your Car

While checking the quality of a paint job is usually the first and most common step after paint work, the body of the car should also be examined. Take a close look to make sure any doors, fenders, and other sections that may have been removed are properly aligned and connected. Gaps between the panels are the most obvious sign that the parts are not properly assembled.

If any work is not to your specifications, notify the technician immediately before leaving the shop with your vehicle. Be specific when pointing out any errors.

The auto painting San Antonio experts are at ProCare Collision. Contact us today to work with a personal service consultant who can schedule a free estimate for your auto painting today.

What You Should Know About Auto Painting

Auto painting can give your vehicle an entirely new and fresh look. You may decide to refresh the same color, change the color, or have a design painted on your vehicle.

There is cost and effort in having a car painted and it is important to consider the complete process before committing to the work. Painting a car should be done by a skilled professional so keep a few points in mind when thinking about having your vehicle painted.

Types of Paint

There are different types of paint that can be used on a car and you should weigh the pros and cons when making a choice. Metallic paint looks great on sports cars and hides scratches, but it is challenging to repair scratches or other damage later. Acrylic paint provides a nice, glossy finish but it doesn’t last long and will lose its luster in time. Urethane paint is the most durable and must be applied by an auto paint technician who is trained and has the proper safety gear, such as a respirator, suit, and goggles.

Work Involved

There is a period of work involved with auto painting to keep in mind. If the entire vehicle is being painted, there is prep work to remove any parts on the car that are not being painted. Once that process is complete, the body needs to be sanded to create a fresh surface for the new paint to be applied. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, the process could take a minimum of a few days to a week or more. If this is a vehicle you drive every day, you will need to consider getting a rental or finding other means of transportation.

Value of Paint Work

Painting your vehicle comes with a price because it is labor intensive. You should consider if this is an expense you want to make. If the painting will cost 25 percent or more of the value of your vehicle, you may want to reconsider the expense.

When you consider auto painting for your car, contact the expert auto body and paint technicians at ProCare Automotive and Collision in San Antonio. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure a paint job that you want.

 San Antonio Auto Body PaintThere’s nothing like the beautiful shine of a new paint job on your car or the feeling you get when you pull out of a San Antonio body shop with a fresh coat of paint. But how do you get that shine to stay?

When trying to preserve that pretty gleam – whether you have a new car, or a new paint job on an old car – there are two major factors to consider: protecting paint from the elements, and proactive care.

While you might think of weather, sun and snow when thinking about the elements, there are actually plenty of other materials, both natural and manmade, that can secretly damage your car’s paint job.

For example, the bugs that pile up on your bumper after a road trip, the bird droppings that gather when parked on a tree-lined street and the morning coffee you accidentally leave on the roof before driving off all contain a harmful element – acid. The acidic elements in these substances can all start to etch away your paint and wear it down over time. To prevent this, be sure to wash these materials away as soon as you notice them.

The same quick response goes for other substances that can easily end up on your car and easily cause it damage, like ash from wildfires, tree sap and spilled gasoline. Thoroughly cleaning off these materials when a car is exposed can go a long way to extending the life of your paint job.

Another surefire way to extend your paint’s life is by taking the time to care for it properly. Applying a coat of high quality wax at least twice a year will keep you car’s paint looking shiny and new.

Of course, for a car that really shines, it also helps to have a high quality, beautiful paint job in the first place. For the best auto painting in San Antonio, contact ProCare Collision!

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