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Personal Service Consultant

Whether you need everything from towing, to a rental car, to body work and help with insurance claims, and just maybe a little guidance on what to do next, we’ll provide you with your very own Personal Service Consultant. We sometimes call them your “Service Writer” or “Service RIGHTer”. You’ll have one person to guide you, one person to call who knows your needs, and can be there for you through every step of the process in getting you back on the road again.

Free Estimates

Have you been in an accident and need an estimate on repair? Maybe you’d just like to get some paint work done and would like to know the cost up front. At ProCare Collision, we’ll always provide you with a free estimate. For your convenience, you can schedule your free estimate ahead of time, so there’s no waiting. If you’re not able to drive your vehicle, just give us a call, and we can help you with a tow. Although appointments are available, you don’t need one. Just stop by any of our 3 locations today.

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