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Dash Cam Basics – Common Questions Answered

Footage from “dash cams,” or on-board cameras, now seem to pop up in the news every night. This coverage and apparent usefulness of the devices have led to more and more drivers considering adding a camera to their automobile technology. But the newly popular devices hold a lot of unknowns for drivers. The questions can feel overwhelming, so let’s consider a few of the most commonly asked.

How Do On-Board Cameras Work?

For most basic on-board cameras, the set-up is simple. Just plug the device into your car (most commonly into a cigarette-lighter power adapter) or equip it with batteries. Then, affix the device to your windshield using a suction-cup holding system, and you are pretty much ready to roll.

The majority of dash cams were built to be user-friendly and simple – they usually begin to record footage automatically as soon as the car is turned on. In this way, the driver doesn’t have to manually start recording each time they enter the vehicle. Most on-board cameras operate on an automatic loop system that records over the oldest footage when the device is full.

A basic dash cam will put you back anywhere from about $50 to over $100 and the cost goes up with additional features. Some drivers might opt to pay more for bells and whistles like higher video quality and location data. Others might want additional viewpoints to be captured, another common question facing those shopping for the devices.

Should I Get a Dual-Lens Cam?

Basic dash cams simply feature a single forward-facing lens – typically pointed at the front of the vehicle. However, some drivers might want to capture different angles, including the inside of the car or the view from the rear.

These additional cameras can be helpful in a lot of situations, including if you are hit from behind and need body repair in San Antonio. And cameras that capture the action happening inside the vehicle can be particularly helpful for those who operate an automobile for their work or livelihood, or business owners that maintain a fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Do the Cameras Prevent Theft or Encourage it?

Theft is a common concern for dash-cam owners, and the issue is one that needs to be considered by individuals. Some view the cameras as theft deterrents that, when spotted by a thief, will discourage theft. But others warn that like other valuables and technology left in a vehicle, the devices will simply attract the attention of thieves.

The benefits or harm in this regard probably depend on the type of on-board camera chosen and the owners’ habits. It is often recommended that drivers remove the cameras from view when the car is unoccupied, as they would a GPS unit. But some dash cam models are made with theft prevention in mind. The features of these models might include a design that makes the device difficult to spot outside the vehicle, or a sensor that automatically begins to record when there is movement around the vehicle – even if the car is turned off.

If you are interested in learning more about on-board cameras, check out our posts about shopping for dash cams and why drivers are choosing – or not choosing – the devices. And for all of your San Antonio paintless dent repair needs, come see the friendly and talented team at ProCare Collision.

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Dash-Cam Shopping Guide

Thinking about getting an on-board camera? Plenty of drivers are these days, for many different reasons. But, there are no shortage of on-board cameras available and the options can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll help you narrow the field by taking a look at a few different categories of cameras and weighing their features and costs.

Bargain Buys

Perhaps you are interested in trying out an on-board camera, but aren’t convinced you want to spend a ton of cash. If this is the case, the good news is there are plenty of budget dash cams available. Granted, these devices won’t produce the highest quality of video, and won’t have a ton of features, but they will get the job done and provide basic footage. Believe it or not, you can find a budget dash cam for around 50 bucks. For example, this $48 camera is a popular option. Its features are basic, and the camera doesn’t have the most compact design, but it gets the job done!

Deluxe Dash Cams

If you have a fairly big budget for on-board cameras and extra features are important to you, there are plenty of great options. People who use their vehicles for work (including taxi, Uber or Lyft drivers) might find some of these features particularly important, as might “techies” who just enjoy their impressive capabilities. Generally speaking, a more top-of-the-line dash cam with high quality video capabilities and a range of features can easily cost several hundred dollars.

For example, this feature-heavy camera sells for about $220 and includes GPS, a microphone that records sounds inside the car and an “incident detection” feature that automatically saves footage.

Middle of the Road Options

A lot of folks in the market for a dash cam will probably find themselves looking for a good, middle of the road device. These devices tend to be a step up from the very bottom rung in terms of quality, but without putting too much of a strain on the pocketbook. Luckily, there are a ton of options that meet this happy medium and can be found for anywhere from $75 to $150. Take for example, this $106 model that skips over GPS and Wi-Fi features, but offers high-quality video and automatic start-up features.

Have more questions about dash cams, collision repair or auto care? The skilled, helpful team at ProCare Collision, a San Antonio body shop, is here for you! Give us a call or come see us at any of our three area locations.

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