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What is EcoFriendly Auto Paint at a San Antonio Body Shop

We are more aware of hazards to our environment now than ever before. That includes in the auto body industry. The makers of automotive products keep this in mind with every improvement because auto body repair shops are just as conscious about being eco-friendlier.

While many collision repair centers focus on being eco-friendly, it is not possible yet to be completely green as an auto shop. Auto painting was among the first areas in the automotive industry to evolve to a more environmentally-friendly format.

Eco-Friendly Auto Paint

One of the biggest pollutants has been auto paint because of the chemicals previously used in the paint that could be released over time in the atmosphere and were a health hazard.

Most auto body shops should use a low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. Environmentally friendly paint uses water as the main ingredient and does not sacrifice quality. Vehicles made within the last decade are likely made with waterborne paint.

There is still some release of VOCs with waterborne paints so anyone using them should wear safety gloves, goggles, and a mask for protection.

Axalta Cromax Pro Paint

There are many brands and types of waterborne paint that are more eco-friendly that previous paints. At ProCare Collision, the expert auto technicians use Axalta Cromax Pro paint. This paint leaves a remarkable finish and has been recommended by car show hosts on TV to transform the look of a car.

It is our commitment at ProCare Collision, a San Antonio body shop, to be environmentally friendly while providing the highest quality of work to a vehicle. That is why we use Axalta Cromax Pro paint. In addition to less harmful paints, we also recycle sheet metal, aluminum, paper, and cardboard as part of our eco-friendly approach to collision repair.

If your vehicle is in need of a paint job due to a collision or if you are considering a customized auto paint job, contact our team to work with a personal service consultant and schedule a free estimate. Our highly skilled and certified auto technicians will make your vehicle look vibrant and new while being environmentally friendly.

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