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How Does Auto Body Repair Differ for Electric Vehicles

When it comes to collision repair, it may seem as though repairs to most cars would be the same, but not all cars are created equal. That is why many auto technicians go through regular training and earn certifications to be knowledgeable about the latest industry standards on various vehicles makes.

Electric vehicles, or hybrids, have tremendous benefits including fuel efficiency. But with that cost savings comes a trade-off to potential higher costs in other areas, including collision repair.

The Cost of Electric Vehicle Collision Repair

One of the few drawbacks to owning an electric vehicle is that collision repair could potentially cost more than a gas-powered vehicle. This is because of the fragile battery packs that can be damaged in an accident. Because some parts to hybrid vehicles are harder to find that can also increase the repair cost. Plus, the complex hybrid drive components cost more to not only manufacture, but also to assemble.

If the battery packs were not damaged but panels near the packs were damaged and need paint, the battery packs have to be removed for safety which leads to additional labor.

Auto technicians should also go through specialized training to repair an electric vehicle because of the technology and unique way they are built. There is also an increased risk of electrocution because of the extremely high voltage in hybrids that technicians must know how to avoid.

Best Solution for Hybrid Repair

If you own an electric vehicle, you should get several recommendations for a quality auto body shop. It is important to ask about any training the technicians have completed specifically related to hybrid vehicles.

The expert technicians at ProCare Collision, a San Antonio body shop, are trained to properly repair electric and hybrid vehicles back to their original condition. This is in addition to other certifications our technicians earn from individual vehicle makers that sell hybrid vehicles.

If you own an electric or hybrid vehicle and get into an accident, contact ProCare to speak with a personal service consultant who can help you every step of the way through the repair process.

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